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FedEx delivers critical healthcare supplies to India

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HONG KONG – FedEx Express is working with organizations around the world to deliver critical medical supplies and equipment to assist in the fight against COVID-19 in India.

An initial shipment of 1,000 critically needed oxygen concentrators onboard a FedEx aircraft was delivered to New Delhi today as part of a collective initiative by multinational companies.

FedEx is also working with Direct Relief to move more than 1,800 pounds of medicine and personal protective equipment to India.

“As the impact of COVID-19 continues to grow in India, we are extremely grateful that our mission of connecting the world can bring relief to those most in need,” said Kawal Preet, President, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa Region, FedEx Express.

“This is a time to come together so we have mobilized our global network and our team members to help the communities in India where we live and work.”

FedEx continues to collaborate with the Government of India, healthcare customers, and the producers of critical medial aid items to provide support where it is needed most. FedEx has a long history of supporting relief efforts across the globe during times of crisis.

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The company has committed $4 million in cash and in-kind transportation support to help non-profits reach underserved communities with the COVID-19 vaccines around the world.

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Since the beginning of 2020, the company has transported more than 10,000 humanitarian aid shipments globally toward COVID-19 relief efforts.



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